Welcome, bitches.

My first blog, Fabrication or Fact with Foj, has blossomed into something more than a college project from 2009. A Fabulous Act is the next evolution of my tiny space in the digital world.

A space where I write to make happy and inspire change — if only for one person in one moment.

And many times that person is me.

Latest from the blog

Can’t we just get the fuck along?

Hello and happy literal Sunday Funday. [Blogged while putting off addressing Christmas cards.] Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Was everything vegan? Love to hear it. I was going to put out a blog before Tofurky Day […]

Brb, screaming at the DMV

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Favorite movie. Best movie of all time.] I’ve been MIA for a very long time because I started working a lot, […]

Nobody cares

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while wondering if the knot in my back will ever go away or if I’ll just die with it inside me.] Here’s the thing. Don’t get mad, but here’s the thing. […]

R u a baby cow?

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while thinking of all the tasks on my to-do list.] Today’s post is a little different. It’s the first post to support my new How to Vegan series. Apparently I can’t […]

Everyone should date a Damon

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged on Friday night with my feet in a sock mask, a full bladder and burning eyeballs.] I thought I’d take a break from being a business owner and binging Vampire Diaries […]

But does everyone *else* love it

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while enjoying my last bit of sugar before dropping it for 30 days.] My ex-boyfriend wasn’t very active on social media. In fact, I don’t think he even had a Facebook […]

Screw you guys, I’m going home

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while giving my little digital home a new lewk.] I remember the first time I heard about Facebook. In fact, I remember it rather vividly. My neighbor across the street introduced […]

Love your neighbor, unless they’re different

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while doing too many things at once and really not getting anything done.] I like to think that unfiltered, unbiased writing can help people learn, empathize and grow. But that’s hard […]