Brb, waiting for prince charming


Pictured: Me as my truest self

Hello and happy Sunday funday. [Blogged while wondering why I have RAW playing on my TV.] Ever since were were old enough to watch Disney movies, we began waiting for our prince charming. And when we moved on to romantic comedies, we were like, “Where’s my Neil and why isn’t he over here doing the dishes.

We’d like to think that when we meet our prince charming we’ll know it. And he’ll be perfect. And we’ll live happily ever after. Lawlz. Back to reality, though — hi. Everyone’s prince charmings are different and they will not be perfect.

Maybe your prince is the one who forgets your anniversary, but is your biggest cheerleader. Or the one who never cooks dinner, but was your rock when you hit rock bottom.

Aladdin was a homeless fugitive who lied to Jasmine about his true identity, but he showed her a whole new world. The Beast was an angry, abusive monster, but let his walls down for Belle. Even Disney’s prince charmings weren’t perfect.

So maybe when we stop waiting for the perfect prince charming and accept that our prince is going to be flawed, we’ll find him.

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