Reflect, act, evolve, repeat

Hello and happy first Sunday of me being 25. I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and drunken New Year.

I’ve tried to limit the personal information I write in my posts, but I’m caring less and less about that. #LivingFearlessIn2015 (But, for real. Thanks, Tay.)

It seems like every year I grab a handful of New Years resolutions out of a hat. But it’s unrealistic to reach multiple year-long goals. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Because a week into the new year, our resolutions fall apart and we’re back to our old routines screaming, “Why can’t I do anything right.” …Just me?

So I’ve decided to choose one single goal for 2015. But doesn’t it make sense to first reflect on the previous year before making a resolution for a new one? The events and lessons from last year should shape our goal for the new year, shouldn’t it? So here’s my reflection, taken straight from my journal.

2014 was an interesting year for me. I was tested by two major changes in my life. I was faced with the realities that my dog had cancer and the person I loved wasn’t the person I thought he was. Both heartbreaking and devastatingly earth shattering realizations. And the fact that they happened within a few weeks of each other didn’t help. But after a couple months of feelings I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, I decided it’s possible to be grateful for even the most disheartening things in life. You learn the most powerful messages from the worst heartaches. And my, did I learn a lot.

  1. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than I thought and give myself credit for 

  2. I’m too good of a person with too much to give to be with someone who doesn’t deserve or appreciate me

  3. Finality brings an entirely new and positive perspective on a lot of things

  4. Learning how to embrace negative change is the hardest and best thing to do

  5. When you realize how fragile and short life is, it becomes easier to live more passionately, take more chances and be happier with what you have

So I’ve decided to be fearless in 2015. I hope this inspires you to take some time today or tomorrow to reflect on your life the past 12 months.

Cheers, bitches.

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