0% fucks and 100% passion

Hello and happy Sunday funday. [Blogged while needing chap stick.] I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. Personally, I laid outside for four hours and my skin color never changed. So that was time well spent.

When I get lost in thought and I’m fresh out of Harry Styles fantasies, I often analyze the world we live in. The societal expectations, the whys and the what ifs. And when I think of certain behavior that might be seen as taboo or unconventional, I wonder why. And then I wonder if that mentality suppresses our spirit to live passionately.

When you take a minute to realize this is your one and only life, you might choose to life it differently. Maybe with less fucks and more passion. Those two things sound contradicting, but together they make for a pretty incredible perspective on life. Not caring so much about following societal norms is liberating. Be your own person — your own brand. And when you see opportunities to take a passionate leap of faith, jump with your eyes open and enjoy the ride. It’s OK to take risks.

We have this fear of the unknown. Uncertainty. But really, when we get thrown into unknown territory it becomes an adventure. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself. Be open to the risk that is life and take advantage of it while you’re young.

If you have eight minutes (I know you do — it’s Sunday), watch this Ted Talk.

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