Learn to love your naked toes

Hello and happy Monday funday. [Blogged while watching hair tutorials. My hair will never look like that.]

I went to the doctor last fall because I thought I had toe fungus. (Shut up. You’re gross.) Anyway, I didn’t have it. My nails were just dry and discolored from all the polish I had been putting on them for the past 10 years. Because I find my feet repulsive. So naturally, I want to cover them up with pretty colors. But it was going to be winter soon and no one would really see my feet. With a heavy sigh and internal sentiment of disgust, I listened to the doc and let my toes “breathe”.

After a few months, I began to see an improvement. And actually, I felt comfortable with my naked toes for the first time ever. I recognize this is idiotic. To feel accomplished for accepting your toes. But it opened my eyes to something bigger. So fuck off.

I’ve always liked to play with makeup and nail polish. I put color on my face, on my nails, in my hair and on my skin. Because it’s fun and because I feel better about myself. I look better. And I’ve been doing these things for so long that without them, I feel uncomfortable. I feel less pretty. And when I go somewhere without a full face on, I feel under-dressed in some way. Like I’m showing up half-assed. When really, I should feel pretty OK without a mask of color on my face. Or anywhere else.

Am I tired? Nope, just didn’t put makeup on today. Thanks, Susan. I’m still a full-functioning adult woman, but thank you so much for assuming that because I don’t have my eyebrows drawn in that I’m fighting fatigue. Appreciate you.

Maybe take a month to acknowledge your naked nails, un-masked face and muted hair color. Embrace your natural beauty and whatever flaws you think you have. Because at the end of the day, you should celebrate the way you look without all the shit on yourself.

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