Live every day in the girls’ bathroom

Hello and happy Sunday funday. [Blogged while praying the centipede I just saw doesn’t end up in my hair.]

You know what’s interesting? A lot of the hate and criticism women get for how they look comes from other women. “Ugh, look at that girl with the crop top. Who does she think she is?” “Did you see that girl’s makeup? Who’s she trying to impress?” We really don’t let each other win. Why? Because girls are the worst. And it’s so ironic that there’s this #GirlPower movement going on, of women asking for support, when most of the time we don’t even support each other.

In college, the girl’s bathroom on a Saturday night was the best place to be. Oh, you met so many new friends. Some with vomit in their hair, but that’s OK. It’s the girl’s bathroom. You could have an eyelash on your cheek, one nipple out and half a stiletto on your foot and you’d walk out that door with three new besties and a therapist. The conversations in there (why was everything always wet?) were so nice and encouraging. “Omg, I love your dress. Katie, look at her dress.” “Hell, no. He did what? Honey, forget him. You’re better than that.” Like, what? If two lemon drop shots are all it takes for girls to be nice to each other, we should all carry around a flask.

Don’t act like you’e never seen a girl embracing her beauty and thought, “Ugh, why.” Well why not? If you look good and feel good about yourself, that’s exactly what you should do. We need more happy and confident people (not just women) on this planet. And who are you to hate on someone else’s appearance? Like, live your own damn life.

I’ve done it. I’ve absolutely literally rolled my eyes and said, “She has such toned arms. What a bitch.” And recently, I’ve become very aware of my reaction to people who make me turn a little green. Whether it’s someone’s physical appearance, professional success or anything in between. When I’m feeling insecure about myself in any way, I get jealous and turn into a monster. But when I’m happy with myself, I see ladies who I once would envy and just say, “Get it, girl.”

So next time you see someone with thighs you’d kill for, channel your inner bathroom girl and send her good vibes. And if your first instinct is to hate, maybe take a closer look at yourself to figure out why. Because ladies, incredible things happen when we pump each other up instead of tear each other down.

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