Why am I always sweating?

Hello and happy Sunday funday. [Blogged while cleaning my room and crying at the lack of closet space. #CarrieBradshawProblems #28AndLivingAtHomeProblems]

It’s a new year, and while I didn’t make any resolutions, I do have one thing on my list for 2018. And that’s to slow the fuck down. You wanna know why I don’t have any resolutions? Because I get caught up in the daily hustle (OK, yes, mine is more like a daily saunter) and eventually I look at my calendar telling me it’s New Year’s Eve and then I look at my list of resolutions and I haven’t done a single thing. In fact, I’ve now been rolling my resolutions over into the new year in an attempt to get them done so I can see that satisfying strike through each goal. But really it’s just become compound interest of failure and defeat.

I was working from home last week and while I had been ignoring my scheduled daily “lunch” reminders (to force me to take a break from my eye-poisoning computer screen) for all of 2017, I decided that day to step away from the blue light and remember that my life doesn’t revolve around my day job. Because kill me if it did.

eye pad

So like anyone on break, I got horizontal and placed cooling eye pads on my face for a few minutes. It was a nice reminder that I need to slow the fuck down,not only for my mind (and dry AF eyeballs), but for my body.

Did you know I have a whole winter wardrobe I can’t wear because I sweat like an asshole the second it touches my body? Fluffy sweaters? Forget it. Cute leg warmers? Oh, you mean those heating pads disguised as fashion? Yeah, can’t. Did you also know that while I rush out the door in the morning I first open it to let the sweet relief of ice air wash over my overheating body as I cry and tug on my boots?

There’s only so much time in one day. And while our society has made us believe that the only way to be successful and happy and whatever is to live a life of go-go-go, it’s really not. To be successful you need balance, and to be happy you need health. Rushing through life in your sweaty-ass legwarmers gives you neither.

And when you’re convinced you have negative time to slow the fuck down because work and babies and yoga and dinners, that’s when you need to the most. So pick up your damn eye pads, take off your bra and join me in slowing the fuck down in 2018.

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