Not today, Satan — I’m finding my niche

Hello and happy Sunday funday. [Blogged while just sort of recovering from a week-long cold brought on by what I can only imagine is the Devil himself.]

I spent the last week wasting away on the couch, exhausting Netflix, and not washing my face. I also think my spine has atrophied. But now that I can keep my eyes open without the numbing sensation of very real hammers slamming against my head, I can spend some time on here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about finding a way to live my best life. A more meaningful life. I feel like after high school I was like, Eh, sure — I like design and things, but I thought adults carried briefcases, so Marketing major it is! And then in college, I was like, Yes, this feels right. GPA. Books. Tests. Business. Resumes. Dad is proud. And then I got into the workforce of business and I was like, What heels should I wear today? Because #DressingForTheJobIWant. And, I’ll be Blair Waldorf in no time. 

And now, almost eight years later, I’m like. Maybe I chose the wrong major (fact). Maybe I have oddly high expectations of life. Or maybe I’m feeling what most of us think all too often. But complacency kills our curiosity.

After talking to like-minded people, I’ve realized a lot of us find fulfillment outside the workplace. And for many, life no longer even includes a “workplace.” For said many, they’ve made a life working a few part-time gigs, finding freelance projects or creating something brand new.

That’s what I want. A life. Where I can create opportunities in spaces that make me happy and feel fulfilled. It may have taken a few years to sink in, but I’ve finally got a good grasp on what I value. And I’m allowing myself to find my joy niche and dream big. And tell people to kindly fuck off — I can do this. Because it’s OK to want more than the status quo.

Knock, knock, society — most people don’t shit their pants with joy running to the office. Note to anyone who’s wanting more: Find your purpose, your passion, your joy — your niche. And fucking run with it.

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