I broke up with my 9 to 5

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while sitting in my own post-spin sweat. It’s actually really distracting.]

Anyway, I quit my job. I can’t imagine anyone is surprised. Well, maybe a little, considering we’re in a pandemic, and like many places are on a hiring freeze. But I’ll cross that bridge. The truth is, there’s no good time to quit a job. And I was tired of being the girl who cried I’m quitting my job. I was tired of staying in a situation that made me unhappy for the sake of not disappointing people.

For the last few years, I had felt like I was in a toxic relationship. I spent five years in one with a human boy, and now I was in one with my corporate job. I was comfortable, but not happy. It felt safe because it was all I had ever known. And I felt like I had gotten all I could out of it. So I broke the news while sobbing to my manager over FaceTime because #ImAProfessional.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and the life I want to create. And it turns out an office job isn’t for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not smart or talented or hardworking. It just means I value things differently than some people. And as a 30-year-old woman/girl child who’s still trying to figure her shit out, this felt like the right time to close one chapter and tell the universe I’m ready for the next one.

At first, I was nervous to tell people. Because I need constant approval of my life decisions — it’s a problem for another post. Will they think I’m irresponsible? Lazy? Selfish?

And then one day after a spin class, a rider came up to me (VP of HR, Corporate America) and she congratulated me on making such a hard decision. “That takes courage,” she said.

I could have cried. (Again.) It did take courage. Any difficult decision takes courage.

Her words of encouragement meant so much that I sent a note on social media later that day to thank her.

“No problem at all,” she wrote. “After a long career in HR, I’ve seen too many people stay in roles after the passion has slipped away. You are very wise to take the time to figure out the best role that leverages your strengths, special talents and ignites your passion again. You’ll be just fine!”

So that’s where I’m at. On a journey to find what ignites my passion. Because honestly, like I literally almost got crushed by some idiot on her phone yesterday and could have been dead today. So yes, be smart and responsible, but also don’t get stuck in something that doesn’t ignite joy because you’re afraid. Everything will be OK.

And you’ll be just fine.

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