Traveler’s checks, check

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged on a Tuesday morning when inspo hits.]

I’m sitting here at 9:56, after giving my body a well-deserved (and much-needed) yoga sesh, without feeling the pull of my future daily tasks. I have my teaspoon of coffee because #LowFODMAP and my bowl of peanut butter nana oats. I had a very blah day on Monday. It became Christmas in October with some early snow flurries, it was cloudy, the spare tire I had been driving on was wonky — so I was homebound, feeling uninspired and unproductive, and honestly v cranky. I started thinking, What a waste of a day.

And then I was like, hold on. Just because I only got two things done on my to-do list, I had a shit day? When did our days become judged by productivity and measured by our task list? What the actual fuck. We spend our life running from point A to B, drowning in self-expectation and speeding through our weeks until time becomes a blur. And only when we’re exhausted with a completed checklist in hand do we feel accomplished. When did just like, idk, being content stop being enough for us? Makes sense.

So anyway, I’m sitting here at the table with my phone in another room and no reading material in front of me. I’m just…being. I’m admiring the (beautifully) decorated home I’m beginning to create, feeling grateful that I’m healthy today, and literally just enjoying the sound of my own breath and the slurp of my coffee. Still. Silent. Calm. Content.

Now that I don’t have deadlines and deliverables defining the progress of my day, I’m having to define my own measure of what I consider to be a “good” 24 hours. And if good really does connote productive, then what does productive mean to me? Right now, my “good” is feeling healthy, purposeful and creative. So if my days check those boxes, then I can feel good and grateful about what I did, big or small.

I’m the first person to love a good checklist. I still write in my planner and cross things off, but I’m trying to give myself grace when I don’t get everything done by the deadline I set for myself. Instead, I’m working on weekly and monthly goals, and learning to flex my days in a way that helps me achieve what I set out to do.

Like, Christ. We weren’t put on this Earth to grind our minds and bodies down into dust in order to complete a task list. The days go by so fast, and we’re all busy in our own way. Take a MF minute to just be with your thoughts and your nana oats. If you have an able body and mind, cash for a daily coffee, a safe roof over your head, and are loved, you’re having a good day. In fact, better than many.

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