Nobody cares

Hello and happy Sunday Funday. [Blogged while wondering if the knot in my back will ever go away or if I’ll just die with it inside me.]

Here’s the thing. Don’t get mad, but here’s the thing. The thing is this…Nobody cares. Nobody cares about your opinion. I said it. You read it. And now you’re mad. Hear me out. The only people who might genuinely care about anything you have to say is your family, friends and people in your line of work who see you as an expert in your field. Or if someone is literally seeking out information from you. Like you coming to this blog. (Thanks for being here.)

As hard as I’ve tried to limit my social media exposure (and thus ulcer-inducing waves of opinions from strangers), it’s followed me to LinkedIn. LinkedIn?! You can have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anything else, but now we’re talking about politics on LinkedIn?! Can we ever just take a fucking break? I came on here to stalk a potential employer, not read a strongly-worded comment from someone I had a phone interview with 7 years ago.

I was just on there, scrolling around, and noticed a topic of conversation that was getting a lot of attention. So, I clicked to read on. And as I looked at the comments below the main article, they all started with “I think…,” “In my opinion…,” or “For me,…” And then people commented on THOSE comments to express THEIR opinion on what THAT person commented. I mean it’s just a swirling mess and constant flow of strangers’ opinions that make people feel like they have to have the last word. Why?! Don’t you have anything better to do?!

We complain about not having enough time, while simultaneously using our precious time to scroll, comment and let ourselves get upset. We give our energy to a bunch of bullshit. Do you honestly care what Donna from Target thinks about the latest policy change? Donna, go back to work. Save your thoughts and share them with people you actually know.

But that’s the beauty of the internet, right? We’re all doctors, scientists, therapists, teachers and politicians. We don’t need a degree or a certification or any kind of relevant experience whatsoever. We have the veil of the internet to say whatever the hell we want to whomever we want, without consequence.

We’re glued to our screens, and those screens vomit out more noise than our brains were ever meant to take in. Part of that vomit is a whole bunch of shit that doesn’t do anything but make us mad. So, really, we’re just always angry because we choose to use our time to read the opinions of actual strangers (maybe a friend or two). Makes sense.

Anyway, so there’s that. Related, I’m reading a book named The Healthy Deviant (it’s amaze), and there’s a blurb in which the author talks about the days when we had hunter/gatherer communities. How everything we did literally meant life or death for not only ourselves, but the entire community — the tribe, if you will. And that got me thinking…

Back in those days, we had small, tight-knit tribes who thought alike. Everyone always had a common goal — to gather a certain amount of food, find water or locate safe shelter. And that way of life worked because everyone was on the same page. But now, thanks to social media, our “tribe” has grown to be…the entire world?! Our tribe was never meant to get this big.

You can’t have access to the thoughts of mass populations and expect them all to be the same. You can’t expect everyone to have the same opinions as you. And also, why would you want everyone to think like you? Isn’t that the beauty of diversity? Different thoughts, perspectives and approaches to solving problems?

In conclusion, we waste our precious time and energy scrolling around the internet, reading thoughts from strangers, and then getting mad that they’re not the same as our own thoughts.

LOLOLOLOL, I cannot. You guys. This is madness. Step away from your screen. Get back to living — and loving.

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