How to vegan

Since my life-changing, eye-opening, ulcer-inducing, question-answering, patience-testing transition into a vegan lifestyle, I’ve been getting questions from many of you on how to start your own journey to eating more plants. Fewer things make me happier than hearing how I may have helped in some way to spark even the slightest curiosity in someone’s brain of how to eat less meat and be more mindful of what’s on their plate. The more we connect the food we eat to where it comes from, the easier it is to make better, healthier, more compassionate choices. It’s science. Sort of like how my blood boils outside of my body every time I pass a death semi transporting innocent, living, breathing creatures who feel pain and suffering to their absolutely more-horrific-than-you-could-even-imagine deaths.

Here’s where I offer up some friendly, non-judgmental advice on how to make easy changes that make a big difference for the animals, our planet and your health. Click on the category How to vegan to see all my posts about eating plants and the rage that fuels my life.