The shades of right

Hello and happy Sunday funday. [Blogged while scheduling a nap in ten minutes.] I hope everyone’s summer has been fabulous. Or, like mine, flooded with weddings. It’s been three months of my grandpa saying I’m “always a bridesmaid, never the bride.”

Moving on.

Like many things in life, the idea of choice fascinates me. In school, I used to hear, “Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours.” And as youths, we’d laugh and mock. But actually, it’s true. Our entire life is based on the choices we make. We move from point A to point B by choice. We feel, say, do, think and create by choice. Isn’t it ironic that we’re faced with difficult decisions as we age? You’d think life would get easier the longer you’ve been doing it. Lawlz.

We often ask ourselves, “Am I making the right choice?” Whether we’re about to say I do, change jobs, or pursue a new relationship. For me, that question gives me a lot of anxiety. I feel like I should be 100% confident in all my choices, lest I become paralyzed with anxiety.

The truth is, most of us have no idea if we’re making right choices. And the reality is, there often is no single “right” choice. There could be a handful of good choices, but only one may be what’s best for us. Like most things, it’s all about timing.

Timing is the single greatest dictator in life. And the most unpredictable. Shitty things happen when you least expect them and opportunities come when certain doors are already closed. Timing shifts our priorities and forces us to conform to the new reality it creates. And in doing so, it continues to shape the path we’re on.

Whatever tough decision life throws at you, take some of the pressure off yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people tell you to do, or how they expect you to feel. You can’t please everyone. I learned that a long time ago. Life (and that Fig Newton guy) has taught me that for every action, there’s a reaction. And you can’t control every reaction. All you can do is trust your heart and follow the path best-suited for you at the crossroad you’re at.

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